Our Goal

Our goal is clear: to make the best LED installations in the world together with our customers.

How we achieve that goal is just as clear: by providing the best technology the market has to offer. We use our own in-house technology for LED activation, our own system architectures and our own machines for the measurement and colour calibration of LEDs. We combine all of these features with standard components from industrial electronics wherever practical.

Our systems can be used in all sorts of scenarios: for computer interfaces, building automation projects or event technology and they support all of the common, open interfaces.

We also ensure that your investment pays off in the long term: we continuously enhance the system with regular software updates, supply spare parts as standard and we can even adapt the colour of your system to match what you already have installed.

Because of this it's hardly surprising that the leading event service providers have kept Schnick-Schnack-Systems on their list of major technology suppliers for many years.