And, action! The new C12 LED Strips set the perfect stage for the Marrakech International Film Festival

Now in its 15th year, the Festival International du Film de Marrakech has attracted directors, actors and moviemakers from around the world to Morocco’s royal city. To create the elaborate lighting installation for the stage show, French lighting specialist the ledbox company relied on LED Strips from Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

For eight days starting on December 4th, all eyes from the world of cinema were set on Marrakech, “the pearl of the south.” The thematic focus of this year’s event paid tribute to Canadian cinema and a highly qualified jury under the auspices of cult director Francis Ford Coppola awarded the best entries.

Naturally, a festival that attracts such an international and discerning audience requires a lighting concept that fulfills the highest demands in terms of quality and performance. For exactly this reason, ledbox ordered 600 of the new LED Strips type C12-250 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems. It was the ideal solution for an effective staging of Philippe Hatte’s lighting design.

The ledbox company has been relying on LED products from Cologne for quite some time now. For example, the team has already implemented the C50 Strips for several projects. For the Marrakech Film Festival, ledbox used the new C12 MK2.6 LED Strips for the first time. The Generation 3 series LED component is equipped with 20 individually color calibrated LEDs in a grid layout at intervals of 12.5mm. RGB critical colors like white and pastel tones appear more natural when compared with other conventional systems. Since each LED can be individually controlled, shading and color variation are possible within a line. “The 12.5 mm pitch made us especially curious,” explains Christophe Grisoni, CEO of the ledbox company. “What’s more, the C12 Strips were the ideal product for the project because the solution required different line lengths.”


The set created the best conditions doing justice to the words “And the winner is…” putting Marrakech on a par with Los Angeles and Cannes.

Following the film festival in Marrakech, the C12 Strips are going to be a permanent component of the ledbox company’s rental park. The ledbox company is a technical service provider that rents and installs professional LED technology for TV shows, for example The Voice France, or fashion shows and events like the tour from Julien Doré or architecture as in the Molitor Hôtel Paris.

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