Generation 3 LED-Systems from Schnick-Schnack-Systems: increased performance and more flexibility than ever before.

Cologne, August 2014 - Schnick-Schnack-Systems, a leading provider of LED systems for professional event technology presents a new, comprehensive technological package that delivers even more efficient features and applications than the current Generation 3.

In the world of event technology and among leading lighting designers, Generation 3 is a synonym for the most modern technology and unforeseen flexibility in creative lighting and illumination design. With its upgrade to the Generation 3, Schnick-Schnack-Systems, the Cologne LED specialists, now presents a package of technological advancements that enable new as well as established customers to benefit from the advantages of the new system.

For example, the new Generation 3 Pixel-Gate now supports DVI and full HD input signals and is able to display up to one million Pixels. The LEDs can now also be synchronized which means that Schnick-Schnack-Systems has achieved a clearly visible performance advantage compared to the classic Artnet/DMX systems. The company had already taken the first successful step to Generation 3 with its LED units: thanks to its 32 bit processors and HD ready 3 x 16 bit drivers, as well as bidirectional interfaces, the company has been building on future-oriented components for several years. The new Firmware upgrade for the Generation 3 enables all Schnick-Schnack-Systems LED-units MK2 to support the new Dynamic-Pixel-Bus. Their efficiency has increased by 20 percent and the channel limitations have been removed. In addition, all LED components provide feedback on CPU temperature and supply voltage. The error search in the patch or cabling is considerably easier, set up time has been decreased and even a remote diagnosis is possible.

What’s more, the System Power Supply 4E from Schnick-Schnack-Systems has a new real-time operating system. Together with the new Dynamic Pixel Bus this brings decisive advantages when it comes to speed and flexibility. Considerably more LEDs can now operate on one power supply because here, too, the channel limit no longer applies. The communication with compatible LEDS is significantly faster as well and the new power supply with sACN is already using the normed protocol of the future. And, last but least, a new integrated HTML 5.0 web server allows remote control of the system power supply.

“We have invested a lot in our Generation 3 and the results are impressive. We can offer our customers the most powerful LED system on the market that is also faster and easier than any other system to set up and maintain”, says Schnick-Schnack-Systems CEO Erhard Lehmann. “With our new version of the Generation 3 we have once again taken the lead in the market.”


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