Highlight in design and technology – the new digital logo on the Vodafone campus lights with LED-components from Schnick-Schnack-Systems

Since June it shines every night at the skyline of Düsseldorf – the new flagship of the company headquarters of Vodafone. The first digital logo of its kind in Germany. The 38m² large installation in 60m height can be changed if necessary from a luminous logo into a video wall. But it is far more than just a big screen.

Even from distance visitors of the new corporate headquarter of Vodafone – the so called Vodafone Campus - see the display in 60m height. And that's not surprising. Because in the ​​38m² large area are more than 30.000 individually controllable RGB LED light points installed. In addition to the regular Vodafone logo images, animations, movies or characters can be shown on the display at special events or occasions. For example shines the club logo on the company headquarters when playing the football club Fortuna Dusseldorf. The LED-components and the control and power supply units are produced by the cologne effect light Manufacturer Schnick-Schnack-Systems. The technologies of the LED-specialists provide an almost limitless color depth and brilliance.

Thus, the underlying offices are not completely obscured by the installation and a relaxed working in daylight is possible the logo was not built of flat components but realized with waterproof molded LED-profiles. Thanks of the very compact and slim design of the profiles with a depth of 3.5cm  the logo also looks modern, transparent and light.

In order to realize the, by Vodafone desired, round shape of the display the effect light Manufacturer used 29 different profile lengths between 2m and 40cm. In total, more than 1.000 LED-profiles and 2.000 LED-boards from Schnick-Schnack-Systems were installed in the entire building. This corresponds to a length of 1.5km. In the background of the installation work more than 3300 32-bit processors. The time-synchronous control of the data takes over 90,000 channels.

The logo was realized in cooperation with HPP Architects, the Hamburg company Schreib + Keppler and Schnick-Schnack-Systems. Around 100 people have developed and installed the digital brand in a record time of eight weeks.

For the Cologne effect light Manufacturer the production of the components for the Vodafone logo was an exciting project. "So far we have never realized such an extensive outdoor project in such a short time. That was an incredible experience" explains Jochen Ludes Project Manager at Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

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