Schnick-Schnack-Systems equips Ferris wheel

Cologne, November 2012 – The “Europa-Rad” is one of the premium rides on Europe's fairgrounds. With its height of 55 meters, it is the world's largest transportable Ferris wheel with open and rotating gondolas. The entrance of the amusement ride has been redesigned with LED products of Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH in fall 2012. They give the Ferris wheel a unique, modern and high-quality ambience.

More than 4.500 LEDs illuminate the entrance in the dark, drawing people to the “Europa-Rad”. The lighting is different from those of the usual fairground attractions – it has a high quality and modern look and does not flicker on and on, but offers gentle gradients.

The LEDs for the new entrance area are made by Schnick Schnack Systems. For the Cologne company, this project is the first of its kind. It's a huge challenge to make the lighting for a fairground attraction, because this must be particularly robust. Because of the frequent assembly and disassembly, the materials must withstand many mechanical effects, which are a part of showmen’s rough daily life. Moreover, the LED lights are exposed wind, sun, rain and cold.

The international specialist for LED Systems therefore developed special control devices suitable for use outdoors and shed the LED elements with the profiles weatherproof – and all this within 14 days from confirmation of order to installation.

Altogether are 665 LED-strips of the series B used. The power and data supply is regulated above 36 Big Intellis in special manufacturing and six System Power Supplies 4E.

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