Schnick-Schnack-Systems on the road – start of the workshop tour in March

Cologne, February 2013 – "properly use of LED systems" that’s the motto of this year’s workshop series that Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH held throughout Germany.

The range of themes of the workshop is complex: What impact have voltage drop and long lines on the installation? How do I use the software from Schnick-Schnack-Systems properly? What is important for controlling and power supply?

On 20th March starts the Schnick-Schnack-Systems workshop tour at Media Academy in Berlin.

The other dates are

12./13.04.2013 at the prolight + sound in Frankfurt
24.04.2013 in Munich
26.06.2013 in Switzerland
04.09.2013 in Cologne
18.09.2013 in Baden-Baden
06.11.2013 in Hamburg

More information about the workshop and to register, please visit:


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Nicole Böttcher