Schnick-Schnack-Systems provides the LED System for the Zurich Theater production of “Der schwarze Hecht”

Cologne, November 2014 – in a modern interpretation by Herbert Fritsch, the musical comedy “Der schwarze Hecht” opened in September at the Schauspielhaus Zürich. Cologne-based Schnick-Schnack-Systems provided the modular LED system for the most prominent element of the set design: a multi-color illuminated carpet.

In 1939, when Der Schwarze Hecht was first performed in Zurich, composer Paul Burkhard told the fast-paced story of a birthday party that spirals out of control. It’s about petty jealousy and envy, brotherly love and many other things that combine to make family chaos perfect. For Herbert Fritsch’s energy-loaded production, a unique lighting concept was called for: a carpet that serves as the center stage to support the mood and characters with color and light effects.

Lighting Director Ginster Eheberg was responsible for the high-tech design. The carpet can be illuminated in 12 different colors with each protagonist having an assigned color or to create color effects like rainbows.

In the selection process for an implementation partner, the Schauspielhaus Zürich chose Schnick-Schnack-Systems, the Cologne based manufacturer of LED systems. The company, which is a long established player in delivering complex lighting solutions for the stage, provided about 800 LED Strips to under light a Plexiglas sheet and create a carpet-like pattern. Thirty-two Big Intellis XLRs were used as DMX converters and four System Power Supply 4s provided the power. To achieve a homogenous illumination with many single LEDs an LEE216 diffuser foil was applied to the Plexiglas. Since the carpet’s supporting construction should not be visible, LED strips were mounted under the supporting frame and were controlled with only 2/3 brightness.

That this production could be accomplished within budget is to a large extent due to Schnick- Schnack-Systems’ modular system as well as the optimal flexibility and variability provided by the theater and the stage design.

“The individual sections of the system can be combined freely and used later in new installations”, explains Schnick-Schnack-Systems CEO, Erhard Lehmann. “All the components have a long service life so additional investment for new lighting projects is therefore limited.”

Lighting Director Ginster Eheberg agrees, “I had only finished the sketches beforehand but during the consultation all my ideas as well as my budget were addressed in detail and adjusted to the project. The installation itself was absolutely uncomplicated. After the cabling was complete all I had to do was plug it in – plug and play. It is an excellent system for the theater, particularly because I can use it again for the next projects. That’s why we have already started to create a separate area for equipment from Schnick- Schnack-Systems.

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