Tradeshow at a Glance: The prolight + sound 2014

The prolight + sound 2014 exceeded all optimistic expectations and impressed industry experts from all over the world. And Schnick-Schnack-Systems’ stand was a favorite meeting point for regular and potential customers alike. In addition to the well-known products, Schnick-Schnack-Systems highlights included the Generation 3, the Outdoor Profile C50 and the C-Dot – leading to many fascinating conversations during the four-day event in Frankfurt.

Generation 3

Under the heading of Generation 3, Schnick-Schnack-Systems has pulled together two new Protocols – the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus (DPB) and Schnicknet – as well as LED components, system power supplies and controlling devices that work together with the new Protocols.

The implementation of these two new signals has pushed through the traditional limits of the classic DMX512 and ArtNet systems giving the user new and never before available features. At the same time, the complete interface compatibility with DMX, ArtNet, sACN, DVI and SDI is ensured.

The new features
⋅ Up to 3,072 channels per cable
⋅ Fluid movement during video control thanks to 60 fps compatibility
⋅ A variable transmission rate enables the best, customized balance of channel count, frame and error rate
⋅ No image distortion thanks to System Wide Sync - our system-wide synchronization
⋅ Time saving through easy Smart Link addressing
⋅ Remote maintenance with integrated web server in the system power supply

Outdoor Profile C50

Schnick-Schnack-Systems is breaking new ground with the launch of the Profile C50. It’s the first lamp that the Cologne based LED specialists have developed for outdoors. As the only Profile on the market, it’s compatible with all key protocols: DMX, ArtNet, sACN, DVI, SDI as will as the Dynamic Pixel Bus. What’s more, it has a feedback function for temperature, voltage, data and LED errors. The Profile’s LEDs are underneath a special polymer casting that is UV resistant and that also delivers lasting conformity to protection class IP67.


The C-Dot is the ideal solution for unique, video-playable ceilings and walls. The single, calibrated dots can be easily mounted to the surface on a freely selected grid with either a borehole or Profiles. By combining the C-Dots with acrylic rods, multi-faceted and three-dimensional forms can be made easily and illuminated with different video images creating a unique lighting atmosphere.

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