The LD-Plugbox is a robust extension of the Long Distance Controller and serves as an interface between the controller and the LED board.

In large LED installations (for example in scenery or stage settings) it is easy with the LD-Plugbox to lead away several LED lines. Susceptible conventional connector resolutions of the 24pin multicore coming from the Long Distance Controller thus have a durable alternative that is easy to install.

The LD-Plugbox offers three different types of plug connectors and is therefore equipped for flexible use.


  • A multicore output enables the arrangement of several LD-Plugboxes in a chain. The signal of the individual RGB channels is linked through in this model.
  • A patch panel for three Schnick-Schnack-Systems PCB cables is available for each RGB channel
  • A XLR-6pin output is available for each RGB channel, which makes the LD-Plugbox compatible with the current standard DIN15780, as the standard of the RGB LED wiring in event technology

 The use of an XLR-6pin cable enables the further subdivision of the LED signal at a medium distance. A RGB LED indicates the respective activity at each output.

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