DMX Pixel-Router

The DMX Pixel-Router is a powerful and efficient Ethernet DMX converter that also allows LED systems from third party providers to be controlled with Schnick-Schnack-Systems proven technology.

Its applications cover a wide range of diverse requirements. For example, it is the perfect solution for large systems and installations like sensory experiences and multi-media facades with several DMX Pixel-Routers as a robust and a more attractively priced package. Smaller, permanent installations like art installations, museums, bars or discos can get a premium, high quality DMX converter at good value.

The Router sets itself apart from the competition thanks to the application for which it has been optimized: video to LED. Eleven years of “video to LED via Ethernet” experience are behind the current design that is based on state-of-the-art technology. For video to LED via Ethernet, a large amount of data must be processed quickly. The number of channels in LED installations is frequently much larger than with other DMX installations. The DMX Pixel-Router is one of the few devices on the market that can handle Ethernet bursts with more than 250 universes. What’s more, it also has an optimized, multi-tasking real time operating system to process and transmit synchronized and latency-free video files. The Router’s Ethernet hardware can accept large amounts of data and transmit it without delays. This way, no data packets can get lost or are stored too long. Additionally, the DMX interfaces are synchronized. Time lags that are especially noticeable and distracting in LED installations are effectively avoided.

The DMX Pixel-Router is compatible with protocols sACN, Art-Net and Schnicknet via the Ethernet input. Optically insulated outputs ensure additional operational reliability because they divide a system into smaller subsystems. Potential errors can then only affect a smaller part as opposed to the entire system. This makes the system stable and errors can be fixed quickly and easily, which is especially important for larger installations.

Thanks to its integrated HTML 5.0 web server, the Router can be completely configured remotely. Additional software is not required which is a big advantage for long term, permanent installations.

The small, compact device can find a place in any application and is mounted on a top-hat rail.

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