DPB Pixel-Router Pro

The DPB Pixel-Router Pro reliably provides LED systems in the live and entertainment sector with power and control data.

It offers the same performance as the proven System Power Supply 4E, but runs absolutely noiseless thanks to the remote external power supply. This allows it to be used even in noise-sensitive environments or for installations near the object. In addition, the DPB Pixel-Router Pro does not require long XLR cables. It is easy to configure via the display or the integrated web interface.

The DPB Pixel-Router Pro belongs to the Generation 3 and in addition to DMX can also understand the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus Protocol (DPB). By using the DBP, more LED elements per output of the Power Supply are available (up to 3,072 channels). Switching between DPB and DMX is possible at all times.

Addressing of the components takes place directly at the controller via Smart Link. As no addressing of individual LED-boards is necessary, installation and maintenance of the LED systems is substantially simplified.

Internal programmes such as a slow colour gradation or a manually adjusted colour enable the easy commissioning of the LED components with the DPB Pixel-Router Pro even without addressing and DMX source.


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