Outdoor Pixel-Router

The Outdoor Pixel-Router is a high-performance Ethernet DPB converter that is the ideal solution for supplying LED systems in outdoor areas with electricity and control data. It is especially suited for combining Outdoor Profiles from Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

The Outdoor Pixel-Router incorporates everything that is essential for an optimal outdoor permanent installation without being weighted down with redundancies; for example, it functions without DMX inputs, buttons and displays. 

More than 11 years of experience in the field of “Video to LED Ethernet” has gone into the current technology-based design. The Outdoor Pixel-Router is therefore equipped with an optimized Video to LED circuitry that can process large quantities of data extremely quickly. It is one of the few devices on the market that can handle Ethernet bursts with more than 250 universes. What’s more, it has an optimized multi-tasking, real-time operating system that processes and transmits video data synchronously and latency free. Its Ethernet hardware can accept large volumes of data and redirect to the processor without any delays. In this way, loss of data packages is prevented or data is not stored too long unnecessarily. Furthermore, the DPB interfaces are also synchronized. This therefore effectively prevents time lags that are especially noticeable and annoying in LED installations.

The Outdoor Pixel-Router is compatible with the protocols sACN, Art-Net and Schnicknet. Thanks to an integrated HTML 5.0 webserver, the router can be completely configured remotely. The use of any specific software is not necessary, which is particularly important for long-standing, permanent installations.

The very small, compact device can find a place in any application and is mounted with screws. The cabling effort is minimal. Up to four LED strands at 72 Watt each can be plugged into the Router with the IP connecters. Outside of a 320-Watt power supply (600 Watt power supply for version 5A) and an Ethernet cable, no other cabling is needed. XLR cables, XLR adapter boxes and return lines are omitted.

The Outdoor Pixel-Router is available in a 4 × 3A version and two 4 × 5A versions with one or two DC voltage inputs and also has a waterproof casing and plug. (IP 65)

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