The control device Pixel-Gate is the perfect solution for controlling LED systems with video sources. It has a DVI and optionally an SDI input and can, therefore, not only receive signals from computers, media servers and DVD players, but also from professional TV studio technology.

The mapping of the image data is hardware-based and therefore effective and high performing. In combination with media servers, the Pixel-Gate relieves the server from resource-intensive pixel mapping. 

The Pixel-Gate belongs to the Generation 3 and provides a system-wide synchronization of video signals and a 60fps compatibility. With its three versions – Light, Plus and Pro – it is the ideal supplement for small installations and larger shows as well.


  • Pixel-Gate Light
    supports all LED products from Schnick-Schnack-Systems on the output side and controls up to 64 DMX universes in doing so. On the input side, unencrypted DVI is accepted as a video signal
  • Pixel-Gate Plus
    supports all LED-products from Schnick-Schnack-Systems on the output side and enables the control of up to 150 universes
  • Pixel-Gate Pro
    provides apart from the 150 universes a system input for professional video signals (SDI) and is open for control using externally sourced products

The Pixel-Gate works with the PC software PixelPatch by Schnick-Schnack-Systems.


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