LED-Strip M

Monochrome, video-controlled

The LED strips of the M product series are the ideal LED light source for all applications in which monochrome, dynamic surfaces, structures or video effects are to be realised. The application areas of the LED strips of the M series are manifold. For example, they are used in architecture (as accents in walls, floors or decorative elements), for backlighting surfaces or as displays for monochrome tickers, for black-and-white videos or for animated light.

Equipped with high quality, efficient, white or monochrome LEDs (sorted by 3Step MacAdam) with a colour rendering index of Ra>90, the LED-Strips M can also be customized with several colours or with lenses.

The LED strips M are available in 21 different lengths, 16 different white tones (five of them with alternative spectrums, e.g. for food lighting) and four colours in a grid of 12.5mm.

The LED strips of Series M belongs to the Generation 3 and in addition to DMX can also read the Dynamic-Pixel-Bus Protocol (DPB). By using the DBP, more LED strips per output of a system power supply are available (up to 3,072 channels). A variable transmission rate enables the best, customized balance of channel count, frame and error rate. When video signals are used, a system wide synchronization prevents any image distortion and the system speed can therefore easily reach the 60fps update rate.

The strip firmware can be updated from a central point via the network with the System Power Supply 4E, which also means that future standards or developments can be supported. Each Stripe sends status information such as temperature, data error rate, input voltage or LED defects back to the control system and therefore enabling a problem-free remote diagnosis.

Power supply and control takes place via the System Power Supply 4E, the DPB Pixel-Router, the DPB Pixel-Router Pro or the Sys One. For small installations also via a corresponding power supply with a DMX XLR connector. Pixel-accurate control of the M Series LED strips can be achieved with lighting boards, media servers or with our Pixel-Gate video converter via the Ethernet interface of the controllers.


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