LED-Strips T

Tunable white, group-controlled

The entire white spectrum in one LED Strip

The Product T-Series LED Strips provide variably adjustable colour temperature in the range of 2000 to 5800K and are the ideal LED light source for all uses that require high diversity with excellent light quality in the entire white spectrum. The T-Series LED Strips can be used, among other things, to set accents in vaults or on walls, for backlighting steps, floors or large wall surfaces as well as for accentuating edges or for lateral light input into large acrylic surfaces.

The T Strips are equipped with LED groups each consisting of a candle colour (2000K) a warm white (3500K) and a daylight white (5800K) LED. Through the use of three LEDs per group, white tones are created that are very close to the Planck curve. A drift into the pink area of the spectrum is therefore eliminated.

The T25-250 LED Strip is the perfect complement to the Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH product portfolio and is closely related to the LED Strip B25-250. Since the T-Strips can adapt to the changing requirements with regard to colour temperature in different projects and therefore replace many products with different colour temperatures, they are also perfectly suited to optimize the inventory of rental companies or trade fair stand builders.

The T-Series LED Strips are controlled via the Long Distance Controller, the Sys One or the System Power Supply 4 or 4E with Intelligence. For smaller installations, also via an appropriate power supply with a Big Intelli RGB.


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