LED-Tiles B

RGB, group-controlled

The LED tiles of product series B are the ideal light source for all applications where areas are to be illuminated with different colours from a short distance. They are most often used, among other applications, to set colour accents in vaults or on walls, to backlight steps, floors and expansive wall surfaces as well as to accentuate edges or lateral light input into large acrylic glass surfaces.

Thanks to their practical dimensions, large-scale lighting systems can be quickly realised with the B Series LED tiles with low wiring requirements. The light emitting diodes on the B Series tiles are controlled together with three DMX channels. Since all LED tiles have their own on-board DMX converters, they can be arranged separately as visually independent lighting features. The three primary colours are already mixed in the light emitting diodes so coloured shadows are avoided. Active current regulators on the board can balance out voltage differences that arise from varying cable lengths. All LEDs on the board are controlled together. Due to the arrangement of the LEDs there is no colour shift in the horizontal viewing angle when mounted vertically.

The B Series LED tiles are controlled with the Sys One or the System Power Supply 4 or 4E.


Product Sheets/CAD