The QuickTicker PC software can create perfect scrolling texts very easily, without a great deal of prior knowledge.

The software comprises intuitive tools for the drafting of easy through to highly complex scrolling texts and sequences with images and videos. Compared with other systems however, the QuickTicker programme is very easy to operate.

Due to the live function, live contents from other websites, such as news headlines, stock exchange data, currency conversion rates, temperatures or times can also be reproduced. Thanks to the pixel-precise control without a fixed image rate by the Direct-Pixel-Drive technology the scrolling texts or videos are played smoothly on your LED modules.

The QuickTicker software, together with the LED components by Schnick-Schnack-Systems, offers creative possibilities to use light as a targeted advertising, communication and information tool, for example for trade fair booths, business rooms, shop windows or entrance halls.




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