Bayer Lounge

Multifunctional business room

In the BayArena, the stadium of Bayer 04 Leverkusen a multifunctional business room was designed by facts and fiction, in which corporate meetings are special experiences.

The spectacular view of the room into the BayArena is already an experience in itself. This view is supported by the media-oriented architecture of the room, which puts an end to conventional notions of a conference room.

The room is dominated by a huge conference table, on two opposite sides of the room are two huge monitor surfaces. The monitor surfaces are connected with a video playable LED ceiling. Also the edges of the table are part of the media overall ensemble. Controlled by a tablet the room can be adapt any desired corporate design.

In the 22m² large illuminated ceiling 550 LED-tiles C50 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems are installed. The table is equipped with 120 LED-strips C25-250. The power supply of tiles and strips takes place via 10 System Power Supplies 4E. The installation is driven with a Pixel-Gate Plus.

Shortfacts Bayarena


video-playable LED ceiling



moser_mahlstedt designbauwerk GmbH

Media Control

Ben Hur


facts and fiction


Klaus Hollenbeck Architekten


facts and fiction