LED installation at Aarau station

The new Aarau railway station now has a new attraction thanks to the Einstein Passage. Aarau honours the world-famous physicist and Nobel prize winner, who lived in Aarau for a year and graduated in 1896 with the Matura, the Austrian school leaving certificate at the old cantonal school, with a memorial plaque and an artistic light installation between the station hall and Bahnhofstraße.

Our LED-Tiles C31 in conjunction with the System Power Supply 4E form the technical basis of this installation. For a project of this size, such an installation can only be realised when technology and creativity are combined.

Watch the video here:


Shortfacts Einsteinpassage


video-playable wall elements


Programming and Sensors

Christian Brändli (Institute of Neuroinformatics UNI-ETH Zürich),

Programming (vvvv) and Visuals

Max Wolf, Philipp Steinweber, Markus Schilling (MESO Digital Interiors GmbH, Frankfurt am Main)

Visuals, Loops

Eduardo Santana (Atelier Derrer, Zürich)

System technology

Antonius Quodt, Lukas Gössling
(LightLife GmbH, Köln)

Project management, architecture

Uta Könitzer (vehovar & jauslin architektur)


Stefan Keller, Alina Nowak (Atelier Derrer GmbH)

Concept and idea

Rolf Derrer, Mateja Vehovar, Stefan Jauslin