The Europa-Rad is one of the premium rides on Europe's fairgrounds. With its height of 55 meters, it is the world's largest, transportable ferris wheel with open and rotating gondolas.

The entrance of the amusement ride has been redesigned with our LED products in fall 2012.

The specialty of this project: the aluminum profiles for this installation were powdered, fitted and sealed in just 14 days.

The equipment of the ferris wheel was only possible with very robust components. Because of the frequent assembly and disassembly, the materials must resist many mechanical influences. Also, the LED-lights are exposed wind, sun, rain and coldness.

Total 236 of our LED-Strips B50-500 S and 429 of our LED-Strips B50-250 S were used. The power and data is supplied by 36 Big Intellis and six System Power Supplies 4E.

It is controlled via E:cue butler.

Watch the video:


Shortfacts Europa-Rad


Redesign of the entrance area with RGB LEDs


Lighting and installation