Frankfurt Airport

Arrival area in front of Terminal 1

Just in time for summer travel season 2016 the arrival level in front of Terminal 1 was reopened at Frankfurt Airport. Since Easter 2015, the entire outdoor area had been completely modernized.

In addition to the restructuring of the sidewalk and street, more than 1,000m2 of new glass façade and 2,100m2 of metal façade have been redesigned. The entrance area of the terminal, already over 40 years old, also received a completely new digital advertising concept. Six large-size LED screens are color supported by a band of light in the Terminal facade. This creates a multimedia space for airport advertising.

In the 450m long light strip around 2,300 coated LED-Tiles C50 Mk2.6 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems are installed behind a laminated safety glass (VSG 8) with a 1.52 mm thick film. The tiles are a special design with outdoor suitable connectors. The power and data supply is ensured by 80 Outdoor Pixel-Routers. The control is via 16 Pixel-Gates Plus.

LEDs tiles and Outdoor Pixel-Routers continuously send feedback to a monitoring system. All transmitted data are collected and analyzed centrally. About incidents inform automated alert notifications.


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