Light column on the stock "Großes Holz" in Bergkamen

The artwork "Impuls" by the artists Dirk and Maik Löbbert on the stock "Großes Holz" in Bergkamen is 33 meters high, made of three eleven meters high tubes and equipped with 13,000 LEDs.

The light sculpture represents the memory of a time in which the mining yet bloomed and the colliery in Bergkamen coal mining actively drove forward. It is a memorial for the miners of Bergkamen and a monument for all mineworkers - worldwide.

The LEDs begin at a height of three metres and are situated on 360 light rails. Our LED-Strips from the Series L were used for this installation, controlled via the Quick-Colour software, the DMX-Player and the Long Distance Controller.

Watch the video:


Shortfacts Impuls


Design and realisation

Maik und Dirk Löbbert, Thomas B. Schmidt (Schmidt Licht)