Ivory museum

Exhibition in the Erbach Castle, Odenwald

After a year of renovation on November 8 2016, the German ivory museum opened its doors for the first time in the rooms of the Erbach Castle in Odenwald. Thus, the theme of ivory art returned to its place of origin, where Count Franz I zu Erbach made ivory carving art indigenous in the eighteenth century.

The aim of the new exhibition is not to entertain the visitors with informative pictures and facts passively but to motivate the visitor by omissions and irritation for independent thinking and questioning. For example, the visitor enters the exhibition, a "black box", which is blackened by a sluice - a darkened, defragmented by countless mirrors, elusive space Graphic, abstract animations on five high-format display steles and LED strips are the only source of light that guides the visitor through the room.

130 strips B12-250 LED by Schnick-Schnack-System were installed on the steles in the "Blackbox". The power supply of the LED strip is via 3 System Power Supplies  4.

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animated LED bars


Exhibition design

Architektenbüro Sichau & Walter

Conception, design and implementation of the “Blackbox”

m box bewegtbild GmbH


m box bewegtbild GmbH