Corporate museum

In June 2016 MANN+HUMMEL opened its new technology center in Ludwigsburg. It contains not only new research and laboratory facilities but also a corporate museum, which documents the 75-year history of the filter manufacturer.

In the company museum, the visitors are guided on a trip through 75 unique years, which are brought to life with exhibits and interviews with witnesses. The central and impressive element of the exhibition is the medial pixel wall with 5670 backlit filter elements on a surface of 17 meters wide and 5 meters high. Each filter element is hereby controlled as a pixel. Here, visitors will learn various facts and figures about the company, such as production numbers and locations.

The "filter wall" consists of more than 5,600 monochrome LED tiles of the L series in 6,500K, on which MANN+HUMMEL filter elements are mounted. Thereby three tiles L20 (10 x 10cm) are controlled with an intelligence. The power and data is supplied by 33 System Power Supplies 4E. The installation is controlled by a Pixel-Gate Light.

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backlighting filter elements



Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Zurich

Concept and planning

Studio TheGreenEyl, Berlin




Studio TheGreenEyl

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