MS Panta Rhei

Excursion boat on Lake Zurich

The company Delux AG developed the lighting concept for the new flagship at the Zürichsee – the MS Panta Rhei. A special attention was paid in this project on the high quality workmanship and the possible staging of playing colors. The 400-meter-long LED outline was developed specifically for this ship.

The contour lighting consists of 2 meter long modules which can be easily mounted on the ship. Aluminum profiles accommodate the RGB LEDs together with the leads in the smallest space. The light color of the outline can be navigated to floor by floor.

Quote from a visitor: "A breathtaking sight when the ship glides across the water at night "!

The contour lighting of the ship consists of our LED strips B25-250, driven by our Long Distance Controller.

Shortfacts MS Panta Rhei


LED outer contour of the ship