Mirror world at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne

Visibility in road traffic is not a matter of course, and for this very reason is one of the outstanding topics of the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (bfu). SEE YOU, the mirror world of bfu, is dedicated to this theme and at the same time forms the attractive center of the public on the ground floor of the renovated indoor traffic hall in the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne.

On 12 April 2017 the exhibition was opened to the public. The unique and modern mirror labyrinth makes the theme of "seeing and being seen" become an experience. The cautious walk through the maze with 68 mirrors on 85 square meters is a pleasure for young and old.

Together with LOOSLI & ZEHNDER, SYMA has developed the unique world of experience. An important part of the new attraction was the integration of the floor as well as the ceiling made of diffuse acrylic and fitted with the latest LED lighting. They appear to be multiplied like a kaleidoscope and increase the illusion of an enormous, labyrinth-like setting.


Altogether in the ceiling 270 white, video-controllable, freely arranged LED-dots of Schnick-Schnack-Systems were installed controlled by means of 5 Intelligences M60 and a DMX-Player.

Shortfacts SEE YOU


Video controllable LED dots in the ceiling behind diffuse acrylic glass


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SYMA-SYSTEM AG, Kirchberg / CH


SYMA-SYSTEM AG, Kirchberg / CH