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Exhibition at the ZF Forum

Only a few meters away from the place where the history of the company ZF Friedrichshafen, the third largest German automotive supplier, began a century ago, there arose the new head office.

The six-storey building has a distinctive urban design accent. Due to its open concept, the ZF Forum with its 30,000 square meters is far more than a main administration, but also allows the visitors in an exhibition to get an insight into ZF's history and presence, as well as an outlook on future topics.


During a tour of the multimedia exhibition, visitors can discover how many times you still in contact with ZF innovations: whether we drive to work by car or bus, deliver the products of our everyday life or take energy from wind power – ZF has developed and produced essential technologies for this purpose.

Under a seemingly free-floating media ring, visitors can interactively immerse themselves in virtual worlds through a large table installation with tablet PCs, as well as animated animations for vision and strategy, as well as many other inspiring topics.

For the media ring Schnick-Schnack-System developed the LED strip M17-1000 in 6500K. It consists of 2 interlinked PCBs with a length of 50cm and an LED distance of 17.5mm. A total of 672 strips were installed.

The table installation was equipped with 320 LED tiles M8 in 6500K. Also these monochrome LED tiles with a pitch of 8mm were developed specifically for this project.

The power supply of the media ring and table is via 28 routers from Schnick-Schnack-Systems. The LED components are controlled with 3 pixel Gate-Plus.

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Video-playable areas for media ring and media table



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