hello stranger

"Hello Stranger" is an intelligent space which interacts with guests through a matrix of 30 acrylic columns and which was much admired at the Festival Science et Cité and Brainfair 2005 held at Zürcher Zeughaus 3

Sensors supply information to the system about the positions and movements of human guests in the area. The installation then communicates with the visitors through a series of changes in light and colour. It can also express feelings, such as joy if the guests move closer together through viewing the light signals it sends.

The installation must react quickly to the changes it detects– smoothly and without stepping or flickering. For this reason Lighting Designer Rolf Derrer selected Schnick-Schnack-Systems LED-Strips B25 and the System Power Supply 4 for this work and used over 270 m controlled by 360 Intelligence cards.

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