Light object by Alexander Deubl

In his work "(S)triptychon", Alexander Deubl reverts to the medieval pictorial form of the triptych (three-part relief or altar panels) and translates it into a contemporary context.

Thus the sizes of the three light objects are adapted to the original layout of a classic triptych – center panel and two narrower wings.

In terms of content, on the other hand, the three parts of "(S)triptychon", have light elements from modern striptease bars and nightclubs. Each oft the interactive object has its own logo: a star, a heart and a dollar sign which is only visible if you come closer to the object.

The installation is inspired by the essay "Strip-Tease" out of the book "Mythologies" from the French writer Roland Barthes from 1954.

Altogether, the bavarian artist installed 37 LED strips C25-250 MK2.6 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems, controlled by three DMX-Player.

Shortfacts (S)triptychon



Alexander Deubl, Trommeter Szabo