Advanced Chemistry Tour 2016

Autonomous Kris Kross, German Beastie Boys or simply a musical trio with two Mics and Turntables? Regardless of the context in which the “Beginner” are presented, the Hamburg-based band published with “Bambule“ the best and most important German-language Hip Hop album to date. Without the musicians from Hamburg-Eimsbüttel Hip Hop in Germany would have a different face nowadays.

After eleven years of abstinence they are back on tour in 2016 for the first time – with an extravagant stage of successful lighting designer Bertil Mark.

The order to equip the tour with lighting technology, rigging and video technology got PRG XL Video. A highlight of the stage – the Vari * Lite VL5, which has proved itself worldwide for years, was equipped with a new, modern gadget. PRG ordered an LED ring from Schnick-Schnack-Systems with 60 high-power LEDs for mounting on the Vari * Lite VL5. Within just a few weeks, Schnick-Schnack-Systems developed the special PCB. A total of 44 ring boards were produced by Schnick-Schnack-Systems and installed by PRG in the stage design.

Shortfacts Beginner


Development of an LED board for mounting on the Vari*Lite VL5

Light design

Bertil Mark


PRG XL Video


Bertil Mark