Raop Tour 2013

Tour start of Cro in Berlin

The hype around Cro was already on his first tour, which took place in 2012, such a great success that the tickets were sold out quickly. It is therefore not surprising that Cro continues his success from last year and begins a new tour.

The defining element of the set designare the three giant letters "CRO". They can be illuminated in different lighting moods.

The letters were fitted with 280 LED-Strips B50-250 S of Schnick-Schnack-Systems. The LED-Strips are controlled with two Long Distance Controllers. 

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Shortfacts Raop Tour 2013


Backlighting of stage elements / letters



FeedBack Show Systems & Service GmbH, Christof Backhaus


Markus Wilmsmann, Eventelevator
Christof Backhaus, FeedBack Show Systems & Service GmbH