Rogers Arena

NHL Ice Hockey Stadium in Vancouver, Canada

The Rogers Arena in Vancouver Harbor has a new highlight – the "Celebration Lights." The 76 video recordable LED-columns run once around the ice surface and can be recorded, if required, with different colors and patterns.

The "Celebration Lights" were realized with LED-strips and power distribution of Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

1200 of our LED-strips C25-250 in a special version in white used were in this installation. The columns are controlled with 22 System Power Supplies 4E.

Because the columns are used in an ice rink, they must meet specific requirements. The supporting structures in which the strips are embedded must be extremely robust, because there is always the possibility that a player cracks in the barrier. For that reason the supporting structures had to be replaced quickly and the strips addressing automatically. Because there is no time to re-patching.

Here you can view the "Celebration Lights" in action:

Shortfacts Rogers Arena


Video-playable LED columns