Expo 2010

Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

From 1 May to 31 October 2010, the Expo was held in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai with the motto "Better City, Better Life".

The pavilion encouraged visitors to participate in a multimedia experience made up of the latest technology, dreamlike environments, collaborative social spaces and sustainable materials. For example, the Plexiglas rods changed their colour by moving with the hand, thus placing the space in a new light.

The following were installed:

  • approximately 6,000 LED strips B25-250 and approx. 4,000 LED strips L25-250 (cold white and warm white) in light boxes for the backlighting of graphical elements controlled by means of DMX via the system power supply unit 4 and 4 intelligent elements
  •  4,800 LED tiles C50 (installed in "Ceiling Clouds" ceiling elements, backlighting of a film type "Studio Grey 120", controlled via the System Power Supply 4E, with a video signal via a total of three Pixel-Gates)
  • 1,800 high-power 3W LED dots (installed under plexiglass rods which stand as "Weeds" large blades of grass on podiums). Controlled by video signal via a Pixel-Gate, interactive control of the movements via the "Weeds" recorded on infrared cameras, resulting in a change of colour
  • 480 LED strips B12-125 (installed in "Lean-Rails"/theatre railing). Each LED strip is individually controllable by DMX via a System Power Supply and a LED intelligence
  • 1,300 LED strips C100-1000 (in elements of 50cm each) installed in plexiglass tubes, which, suspended from the ceiling, form a large "chandelier" for 3D effects and were controlled by video signal via the Pixel-Gate

This incredible installation took place between February and April for the EXPO 2010 at the "Shanghai Corporate Pavilion"



Planung und Ausführung