Siemens IDS Roadshow Truck

"Extra Value Integrated" – with this motto on 25 November 2014 in Nürnberg the IDS roadshow Siemens was launched (IDS = Integrated Drive Systems). From there, the truck drives to industrial customers from Siemens in numerous European countries until mid-2016.

With this mobile exhibition Siemens will show how to increase the efficiency with integrated drive solutions, reliability and productivity of industrial applications and can thus achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The focus of the roadshow is the added value of Integrated Drive Systems for the customer.

For this, the truck is equipped with a variety of application specific exhibits and live demonstrations.

In the luminous lines in the truck 340 LED strips C50-500 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems have been installed. The power supply and control is via six System Power Supplies 4E and a Pixel-Gate Light.

Shortfacts Siemens IDS Roadshow Truck


Backlighting of decorative elements



TRIAD Berlin

Technical realization

Neumann & Müller


TRIAD Berlin