Bad Angel

All-round LED illumination for the Munich nightclub

ArtClubbing realised an all-round LED illumination for the Munich-based club using products made by Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

All walls, the dance floor, the box floor, the bar and diverse decorative elements were included in the concept and now light up starting from a central control unit.

32 of our LED-Strips C50-250, 191 of our LED-Strips C25-250, 88 of our LED-Strips B25-250 and 28 of our LED-Tiles C50 were used. The installation was controlled using five of our System Power Supplies 4E and our Pixel-Gate light.

Shortfacts Bad Angel


colored staging of walls, dance floor, ceiling, bar and various decorative elements


Design and installation

ArtClubbing, Studio Düren: Andrè Platz, Marc O’Braun (Managing Assistent),