Optik Böhler

In 2010 the shop of "Optik Böhler" in Marburg was visually "updated".

The idea was to build a lighting and video installation that enables the possibility to simulate various light conditions for customers trying new glasses at the shop. For this purpose the sales shelves were back-lit with LED tiles by Schnick-Schnack-Systems. 133 LED-Tiles B50, controlled via two System Power Supply 4, submerge the vast selection of glasses in a harmonious, colour-changing atmosphere.

An Apple iPad is used to control the entire system. Shades of white, brightness, colour contrast and video control, automatic switching on and off upon opening and closing of the store can be easily adjusted via Screen Touch.

Watch a video of the installation:


Shortfacts Optik Böhler


Backlighting of sales shelves



Artlife GmbH

Design and programming

Matt Finke, Loop Light GmbH