Der schwarze Hecht

Schauspielhaus Zürich

In the in 1939 in Zürich first performed stage play "der schwarze Hecht" told composer Paul Burkhard the fast paced story of a running out of control birthday party. It's about jealousy and envy, brotherly love and many other things that make the familiar chaos perfectly.

For the energetic implementation à la Herbert Fritsch a special lighting concept was required: A carpet as a central platform which supports mood and characters with color and light effects.

For the backlighting of the carpet pattern printed Plexiglas are approximately 800 LED-Strips B 50-250 used. As DMX converter 32 Big Intellis XLR were used, the power is supplied by four System Power Supplies 4. In order to ensure a homogeneous illumination a LEE216 diffuser film was placed on the Plexiglas. In addition, the supporting structure of the carpet should visually disappear: therefore the under the supporting bars mounted LED-Strips were controlled with just 2/3 brightness.

Shortfacts Der schwarze Hecht


backlighting of the carpet pattern printed Plexiglas


Light design

Ginster Eheberg


Matthias Horn