Die Räuber

Berliner Ensemble

Already the premiere in 1782 from "Die Räuber" in Mannheim was a scandal and made the only 22-year-old Schiller famous overnight. His drama was classified and censored as revolutionary. Schiller had to draw consequences, leaving family and homeland and fled.

“Die Räuber“ is a play with extremely high anger that teasing out the fascination and attraction of the abysmal, violent and baddies. Accordingly loud staged director Leander Haussmann the story of the brothers Franz and Karl Moor at the Berliner Ensemble as a bombastic spectacle.

An important part of the stage are LED panels from Schnick-Schnack-Systems. They reinforce as video area as well as pure light surface the effect of the lighting atmosphere.

In the hanging surface 18 LED panels are in use, in the smaller stationary surface are 8 installed. The panels are controlled with Coolux Pandoras Box in conjunction with GrandMA 2.

Video content was prefabricated by a designer and inserted during rehearsal at the appropriate point in the production.

Shortfacts Die Räuber


video-playable surfaces on the stage


Ulrich Eh


Berliner Ensemble