Faust I + II

Berliner Ensemble

Goethe’s Faust is German cultural heritage par excellence. With an imaginative production and memorable melodies, director Robert Wilson and musician Herbert Grönemeyer brought the two parts of the most cited work in German literature to the stage at the Berliner Ensemble.

It is a lighter Faust and an unusual project: Faust is portrayed with five different actors and Gretchen with three on set. Both parts are staged in four hours. It’s a journey through known and unknown territory – from heaven through the world of hell.

LED products from Schnick-Schnack-Systems have been built into the set design to create a wide variety of effects.

The illuminated “X” on the stage floor has been achieved with 160 L6 LED Strips in 6500K. Therefore five LED rows with a length of eight meters were built next to each other (4 × 3 meter segments with 30 LED Strips and 2 × 2 meter segments with 20 Strips). About 600 B25-250 LED Strips in 76 aluminum cylindrical profiles of varying lengths illuminated the scaffolding.  The tufts of grass were created with four B25-250 LED Strips.

The Strips were controlled within the set design with the System Power Supply 4E and Big Intellis XLR.

Shortfacts Faust I + II


Lighting of various decorative elements: illuminated X on the floor, scaffolding, grass tufts


Lighting design

Robert Wilson


Ulrich Eh


Berliner Ensemble