The Wyld

Revue at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin

"The Wyld" was a revue at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin and ran from 2014 to 2016.

The show is a surreal and image-loving love story between a BMX driver and a shy girl who lives high up in the Berlin television tower and is more attracted to extraterrestrials than to human beings.

With production costs of over 10 million euros, “Thy Wyld” was one of the most expensive shows in the history of the Friedrichstadt-Palast. The director, designer, photographer Manfred Thierry Mugler and Roland Welke were responsible for the book and directing the show.

An accentuate edge and stair lighting of the opulent stage design provided the LED strips of series B from Schnick-Schack-Systems.

Shortfacts The Wyld


Edge and staircase backlighting



Studio Hamburg Atelierbetriebs GmbH


Studio Hamburg Atelierbetriebs GmbH