Achtung Baby

Live program by Michael Mittermeier

The new live programme with Michael Mittermeier is dedicated to one of the hardest topics in the world: Babies!

Michael Mittermeier as a wonderfully self-ironic an hilarious way of narrating a time of life in which you are small enough to take a look at society behind the scenes. And of course, he stays with a juvenile relish just within the borders of delinquency!

The stage design features 28 light boxes equipped with LED strips B25-250-S and B25-250-I (with intelligences).

Due to the combination of intelligent LED-Strips B25-250 and non-intelligent LED-Strips B25-250 there is the possibility of realising chasing lights and differentiated colour effects within one box.

Shortfacts Achtung Baby


Light boxes with dynamic chaser


Project management

Gert Bernhardt, drei d medien service GmbH