Al Jazeera

European headquarters of the Arab TV Broadcaster in London

A Television Studio Like No Other.

Since November 2014, Al Jazeera has been broadcasting from the highest building in the EU, from the skyscraper, “The Shard”, whose visionary glass façade stretches 310 meters into the sky over London. The 16th floor is home to the Al Jazeera studio which shares 400 square meters with the newsroom as well as offices, green room and engineering.

The design of the studio breaks with most of what is common practice; architecturally speaking, the Shard is an office building and not a broadcast facility. The studio is almost completely surrounded by glass offering a view over London as well as a look into the newsroom.

Also special technical features have turned the studio into a unique setting. In addition to the main news desk with space for up to four people, the connecting newsroom with 45 seats has been integrated into the design and is used as the on-air backdrop during live broadcasts.

In the news room and the speakers table several hundred LED strips and tiles of the Series B and C were installed and give the room its colour mood.

In the ceiling lights in the newsroom more than 2,000 LED-Strips of the Series L are installed in cold and warm white. The special about this: the ceiling lights can play different shades of white because cold and hot white stripes are mounted side by side. Thus always the right light can be adjusted for reporting from the newsroom.

The power supply and control of the LED components takes place, depending on the application in the studio, by System Power Supplies 4E, Pixel-Gates Light and Sys Ones.

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Backlit wall in the studio, contour lighting in the newsroom and for announcer’s console, ceiling lights in the newsroom


In Operation

November 2014

Design TV-Studio and Newsroom

VEECH X VEECH, Stuart A. Veech

Light Design

mo2 design GmbH, Manfred Olma

General Contractor, Set Construction and Technical Planning

Studio Hamburg Atelierbetriebs GmbH


Al Jazeera
Newsroom: Hufton+Crow

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