Beginner gegen Gewinner

Game show on Pro 7

„Beginner gegen Gewinner" is a game show of the German TV channel Pro 7 in which amateurs competes against real professional athletes in their own sport. The special feature: To have a chance to win, the candidates choose a handicap for the professionals and therefore the professionals are clearly limited in the competition.

If the amateurs win in their competitions, they qualify for the grand finale and play for the jackpot. Host and presenter Joko Winterscheidt also joins the duel during the show in order to additionally fill the jackpot of the amateur athletes.

LED strips B by Schnick-Schnack-Systems ensure accentuated edge and area lighting in the studio – of course camera-compatible and good to dim. The power and data is supplied by Long Distance controllers.

Shortfacts Beginner gegen Gewinner


Edge and area illumination of the studio



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