Der Preis ist heiß

Game show on RTL

“Der Preis ist heiß” was a german game show on RTL, which ran from 1989 to 1997 in the afternoon and morning program and is now considered as a cult. The show was the first of its kind on german television. In October 2017 the legendary game show returns on RTLplus to the german TV program.

The new episodes are hosted by Wolfram Cons, who is already well known in the RTL main program. He is supported by Thorsten Schorn, known as a reporter at “Stern TV” and the voice of “Shopping Queen”. The two presenters, like Harry Wijnvoord and Walter Freiwald in the 90s, lead through six game rounds.

In terms of content, the new episodes are linked to the original: candidates from the public demonstrate their everyday suitability by estimating the price of the presented products as accurately as possible. The audience also plays an important role in this because it is called upon to engage loudly and to support the candidates with “more!” or “less!” calls in pricing. After several rounds of the game “the wheel” decides which two candidates enter the finals and play for the super prize.

In the new set a total of 610 LED strips of series B by Schnick-Schnack-Systems were installed. The power and data supply is provided by 6 Long Distance Controller.

Shortfacts Der Preis ist heiß


Edge and staircase backlighting of the studio



Ufa Show & Factual in the TV studios of the MMC in Cologne-Ossendorf


MG RTL D / Hempel