Der Quiz-Champion

Quiz show on ZDF

The hardest quiz in Germany

"Der Quiz-Champion " is a quiz show that is broadcast on the German TV station ZDF since 2012. The show is moderated by Johannes B. Kerner.

The aim of the candidates is to defeat a round of five prominent experts, each representing a field of knowledge, and win 250,000 euros as the "Quiz Champion". The categories and the experts vary from show to show.

A random generator decides the expert the candidate plays first. The other duels follow clockwise. In order to win the main round, the candidate must successively defeat all five experts. If this fails, it separates. If only one candidate wins the main round, he is the winner of the show. If two or more candidates were successful in the main round, they play a final against each other.

An accentuated edge lighting of the studio was provided by LED strips of series B from Schnick-Schnack-Systems – of course camera-compatible and good to dim.

Shortfacts Der Quiz-Champion


Edge and area illumination of the studio



ZDF/Max Kohr
ZDF/Andre Kowalski
ZDF/Svea Pietschmann