Herbstfest der Überraschungen

Music show with Florian Silbereisen

In his show "Das Herbstfest der Überraschungen" in the “Erdgas Arena” in Riesa, host and entertainer tried Florian Silbereisen surprise his star guests and audience alike. Because neither the artist nor the audience know before the show what surprises they will expect in the live production. Among the guests were a number of national and international stars, such as Mireille Mathieu, Andy, Chris de Burgh and many more.

The stage can be adapted to different artists with different lighting effects by placing the products of Schnick-Schnack-Systems. For example, the five stairs and the turning gate are illuminated dynamically with our RGB LED-Strips.

Total 1244 LED-Strips B25-250 S, 126 LED-Strips B25-125 S and 208 LED-Strips C25-250 MK2 were used. The LED components are controlled with 11 System Power Supplies 4, three System Power Supplies 4E and two Sys Ones.

Shortfacts Herbstfest


Stairs backlighting, bordering swing gate



MDR/Andreas Lander