Keep Your Money

Game show on Sat.1

"Keep your Money" is a german television show of the channel Sat.1 presented by Wayne Carpendale.

The game is simple: the candidates receive a starting capital of 250,000 euros with the aim to take home as much as possible at the end. With general knowledge, strong nerves and willingness to take risks the team that consists of at least two people must compete in the game.

In eight rounds the players answer questions from different topic areas. For each question there are always three possible answers. The team has to decide within a minute whether and to what extent the money is placed on the respective answer. Only the amount of the correct answer will travel to the next round.

LED-Strips of series B from Schnick-Schnack-Systems provided an accentuated edge lighting of the studio.

Shortfacts Keep Your Money


Edge and staircase backlighting



Studio Hamburg Atelierbetriebs GmbH


Studio Hamburg Atelierbetriebs GmbH