Science magazine on 3sat

The 3sat science magazine "nano" reports from Monday till Friday easily understandable about current issues in technology, medicine, science and research. Through a fun, exciting and informative mix of science subjects "nano" makes his audience fit for the world of tomorrow.

Since January 2016, the magazine is produced in a new studio in the broadcasting center 1 of the ZDF. The elements of the new setting are derived from the “nano” logo circle and assembled to a gradual alignment in space. The expansion of the circle with radially lined up segments provides visual depth and a variety of distinct shots. The compositions of dissected overlaps never reach the full circle in order to create an expression for the process of combining scientific data and getting insights that are often incomplete. The data is visualized by the led grid and the illuminated dot matrix that appears to emerge from the background.

Total 1,800 LED strips B25-250 and 400 LED strips B25-125 from Schnick-Schnack-Systems have been installed in the wall elements. They are controlled with about 60 Sys One.

Shortfacts Nano


Lighting wall elements



Atelier Markgraph and banozic ar|sc

Concept, design, creative lead, photography visualization, 3d-modeling, construction plan

Boris Banozic and Theodor Voss

Construction planning, production

Studio Hamburg

Media planning, production

Mediascreen, Atelier Markgraph

On-air design

Wieland GmbH


Boris Banozic