Nur die Liebe zählt

TV show on Sat.1

In the german television show "Nur die Liebe zählt" are heart pounding and romance guaranteed. Presenter Wayne Carpendale plays in " "Nur die Liebe zählt"" Cupid and brings together what belongs together. Whether reconciliation, declaration of love or the search for the ideal man – Wayne Carpendale does everything to give his protegees the best of luck in their heart affairs. Here, sometimes full of physical exertion on the part of the moderator is needed.

LED-Strips of series B from Schnick-Schnack-Systems provided an accentuated edge lighting of the studio.

Shortfacts Nur die Liebe zählt


Edge and staircase backlighting



Studio Hamburg Atelierbetriebs GmbH


Studio Hamburg Atelierbetriebs GmbH