Science magazine on 3sat

In September 2015 3sat newly implemented the first of three television formats - the science magazine Scobel.

The special feature of this program: Each week there is a clearly defined subject, which will be implemented in an open form. Whether as a conversation, movie, documentary or magazine - the choice of formats and journalistic genres change, so an issue arrives as possible. The thematic range of the tv show ranges from scientific research and its ethical and moral implications and the impact on other professionals and walks of life to literature, music, current social theory and criticism.

The interior architectural design elements for the show Scobel quote formally the Nautilus. The spiral back wall and the distinctive shape of the table are a strong key visual.

The spiral-shaped arrangement of the studio design is derived from the on-air key visual, the nautilus shell. The centre of the spiral starts with the volute table for the round of talks and extends further with the bar table and the back wall with it´s integrated media screens. The horizontal lamellas reflect the interdisciplinary concept of the tv show by symbolizing the different scientific directions that merge into one common direction, respectively the topic of the talk. The geometry of the set creates a dynamic, but centered composition and offers depth and variety for the cinematography.

In the back wall a total of 1,000 LED strips B25-250 were installed. The installation is controlled with 26 Sys One.

Shortfacts Scobel


Backlighting wall elements



Atelier Markgraph with banozic ar|sc

Concept, design, creative lead, photography, visualization, 3d-modeling, construction plan

Boris Banozic and Theodor Voss

Construction planning, production


Media planning, production

Mediascreen, Atelier Markgraph

On-air design

Acht Frankfurt


Boris Banozic